Tips to Avoid Falling Prey to Data Entry Home Work Frauds

With data entry home work getting popular by the day, many fake websites have sprung up that promise very big returns but are actually not true. They charge registration fees and then do not provide any assistance in getting work. Many times, there are people who open different fake websites under different names and dupe people of their money.

In order to be able to protect yourself from such frauds, keep in mind the following tips.

o Whenever you are dealing with a website, ask for their email address, contact numbers and postal address.

o Send an email to them asking some question. Also contact them on telephone or send a little letter asking for some information about the company.

o In case you get a reply by email, just see to it that it is not from a generic domain such as yahoo, hotmail, etc. If it is, then the chances of the company being a fraud are high. In case you make telephone contact, if there is an auto response, refrain from working with the company. Also, wait for the information that you had asked for through postal service.

o You can check on the company on BBB (Better Business Bureau). See for how long the company has been doing business. If it is relatively new, then working with the company could be a risk.

o If you decide to work with a company, start with small assignments for short durations. If the payments are made on time for the first few assignments on time after completion of the assigned work, then only go in for a bigger assignment.

Use these tips to safeguard yourself from data entry home work scams and hope to get genuine people to work with.

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