Home Builders Can Offer Custom Designs Without The High Price Tag With Mix and Match Homes

If you’ve wanted to build your dream home but can’t afford the high price of a custom design, it may be time to consider a house that has all the features of a custom-built house without the steep price tag. Today’s residential builders offer you a wide range of options that can give you beautiful results with a customised look and feel at a fraction of the price. One way to do this is with mix and match design options. These are generally houses that follow one of several floor plans that can be rearranged in order to suit your needs. You can usually check out some display homes by builders in your area, then choose from among dozens of interactive floor plans to find the best fit for your family.  บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน

Three Zones Give You Hundreds Of Options

Home builders will generally break down the various areas of the house into at least three “zones,” then allow potential buyers to shuffle them around. This way you can customise the floor plans without having to pay an architect to draw up customised blueprints or designs. Builders can either work with three zones that loosely correspond with the main living quarters (including kitchen), the master suite location and the remaining bedrooms, or opt for three zones roughly corresponding to the front, middle and back of the house. Each zone will offer several variations that, when combined with the other zones, will give you literally hundreds of floor plans to choose from.

Choose The Layout That Works Best For You

If you are investing in a mix and match house design in order to get that wonderful custom look that you crave, be sure to take your lifestyle and needs into consideration for the best end result. A few things to consider include:

a. How you’ll use each room. Will the living room be used as the family gathering place or would a larger kitchen be a better choice? Do you like the idea of the master suite being separate from the other bedrooms or would you prefer to have all of the bedrooms in one zone?

b. Take outside elements into consideration. Is there a phenomenal view that you want to be able to see from your living room or do you prefer to have a bedroom window framing it? Traffic noise, the sunrise, the sunset and the location of your neighbors should all be considered before you choose the right mix and match house design from your builder.

c. Take the esthetics into consideration. While you may love having a bathroom located right next to the kitchen, keep in mind that visitors may not like staring at the bathroom when they’re sitting at the dining room table. The flow of rooms and how much light each room will get are just some of the esthetics you should consider.

Builders usually have several different display homes available for tours so that you can check out a few different floor plans and get a feel for how they will work in your new home. By purchasing a mix and match house, you can get the luxurious appearance of a custom house without the long construction time and high price tag, and no one has to know it isn’t custom except you!

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