Golf Games Inside And Out

If you didn’t know, I love golf! There’s no room for my car in the garage; I always want the latest clubs but I still love ALL my stuff. If I had my way, I’d be on the golf course almost every possible day. But there’s that money thing; I would spend my last dime to golf so I have to get a darn paycheck. My job cannot even come close to stopping me from having golf in my life though: there’s ESPN, golf magazines, the internet, and best of all, my PlayStation.

Many of the golf games are truly entertaining. Choices Hack There is also quite a bit of skill involved, surprisingly so. I realize it’s not “golfing”, but the element of getting your ball down the fairway and into the hole is still there, right? It can still drive you crazy too. I have been known to slam the game controller a few times. 🙁

I have played a lot of electronic golf games, and I am convinced it has helped me with my “real” golf. It’s a lot like what the pros do. Tiger Woods still has a coach; did you know that? Tiger places a lot of importance in visualizing himself keeping those monster drives on the fairways and draining thirty-foot putts on a less than true green. So I do my Tiger thing too, sitting in front of my game console. I think about what club to use, I gauge the distances visually,… my chip shot drops so beautifully,…yes, I’m on the green,… (“A two-putt? No way, my friend.”),… careful,… the ball rolls in, and the Crowd. Goes. Wild. An underwear dance and cold drink to celebrate. I mean, that’s Golf!

In a crunch (it’s storming, the golf tournament is rained out, etc.), I head over to the local golf store and practice swings on their virtual course. Cool fun. There’s always lots of guys there, we shoot the breeze, compare courses, golf clubs, and yes, even electronic golf games. I don’t care what my friend says, there is no such thing as “too much golf”. ‘Nuff said.

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