Different Types of Spy Cameras

Nowadays you can find Spy cameras in homes, offices and even in cars. There has been a tremendous growth in this sector. The aim of spy camera industry is to provide proof in legal matters but it has found its wrong usage. People spy because they want to interfere in other’s personal lives. You can find spy cameras in many multinational and small companies. These are installed to find out whether employees are working or enjoying during working hours. Due to advancement in technology, spy cameras can be hidden inside a pen or in the button of a shirt and no person can find it. Before buying a hidden camera you should became similar with the product, make sure that you have all the parts that you need and be aware of all your surroundings. Various types of spy cameras are available in the market. Features of certain types of hidden cameras can be found here:

Tiny wireless spy camera: Cost of this type of camera is more because of its features – small size and wireless capabilities; range is nearly 100 meters and is a colored camera.

Spy Clock: This type of camera can be installed in a wall clock and placed in places where continuous monitoring is required. Such type of clock which has hidden spy camera can be shifted to other places. It also has a Lawmate USA transmitter to transmit the video to the user.

Color spy camera: Some of the important features of this type of camera are it has wireless capabilities and a transmitter to transmit the video to the user. One more advantage is that the receiver can watch the video on a TV or a monitor. This type of camera can be placed inside a flower pot, fire alarms and many other places.

Bullet camera: Bullet cameras are very small in nature. Other features include, it can work for several hours, has a CCD camera, weather proof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Pinhole Spy camera: This is another type of tiny camera which is installed in places where large cameras cannot fit and are visible. This can be kept in a tissue paper box or any other item without being noticeable.

Pen camera: A pen camera is a pen fitted with a camera. Pen camera will look the same as a normal pen. Pen camera can be used for writing purpose or hook the pen with your shirt. Other features include it can be used for nearly 4-6 hours and have an inbuilt storage space of few GB’s. This falls under the category of wired spy camera.

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