Wedding Table Plans Versus Escort Cards – What Should You Choose For Your Wedding Day?

It’s getting closer to your wedding day and you are starting to look at table plans. You also see something a little different, the escort card. But what is right for you? The price advantage of table plans is the most apparent at larger weddings. 200 escort cards will be significantly more expensive than a […]

Electronic Signatures for Hierarchical Approval and Authentication – Vital Need of Corporates

In corporate organizations approvals along with electronic signatures are required at every step of any business process. Many of the business processes require sequential approval in form of electronic signatures in hierarchical order, depending on the authorities involved in the process. In case of critical business processes like accounts, finance and human resource hierarchical sequence […]

The Two Nobel Laureates and Their “Perfect Research”

Griffith denied that there is no such thing as perfect research in any field of study. If Einstein could read it, he might have a chuckle! I do not categorize ‘Perfect research’ as an oxymoron either. And, without engaging in philosophical polemics I support my answer by citing two of the well-tested theories in science. […]

Find the Colors of Your Soul: Holi Festival in India

The Month of Falgun (Spring-March) is desperately being awaited by the Indian folks be it India or wherever they are spread across the world. And if the Indians are outside the world they make their every possible effort to visit India to celebrate this Holi festival with their friends and community on their motherland. Even […]


Thanksgiving we’re Thanksgiving free clip art: This article is more from a model. These days we’re creators. Most of us would like to customize the thanksgiving card and post pictures on social media. Share happy thanksgiving pictures with your friends and family on Thanksgiving Day 2019. Share Thanksgiving mindset on Thanksgiving 2019. In this post, […]